Little B Views + vitality

Nestled in an industrial North Melbourne backstreet this new build home is poised between a mechanic’s garage and a recording studio. The site presented various design challenges, including drawing in light to a south facing site and bringing landscaping onto a tiny 7 x 15m footprint.  Our approach to ‘Little Baillie’ maximises light from the north and achieves both park and city views from the rooftop. 

Through intelligent use of space and proportion this house feels like a sanctuary, it is quiet and unfussy. Boldly designed and thoughtfully placed openings, and a precisely punctured façade, draw dappled light in for the family in indirect and playful ways. The ‘greening’ up of the site, from the rooftop garden to internal courtyards and planter boxes, contributes to the sense of an urban oasis. While a keen focus on cross-ventilation, as one of the many passive design principles adopted, ensures the home’s sustainable approach. 

This much adored and coveted family residence (affectionately nicknamed ‘Little B’ by its owners) has insulated concrete walls protecting the family from the outside while the interior is warm and textured and has been carefully designed to provide its inhabitants ‘a warm embrace’ all year round.