— Insight Communication is Key

Insight by David Whyte

Most of our projects run over many months (and sometimes years) creating a strong relationship between our team and the client.

A key part to the success of these projects is the constant flow of communication between client, architect and builder.
We communicate our projects through both emotive and technical imagery, but it’s also the words and numbers that bring the whole story together. Effective communication is vital to the success of any construction project.

How we communicate with our clients is different on every project. We often have clients who struggle to grasp a concept or space off a 2d drawing, but once they see a 3d model they light up and say ‘ah, now I get it!’.

An open and honest discussion is key to getting projects off to a good start, detailing the brief, budget and timing, as well as outlining client and architect responsibilities.

Creating a key point of contact or communication chain of command also ensures that the message is being heard and actioned appropriately, drastically reducing misunderstandings and errors.

Although our finished products are physical, much of the architectural process is not. The conceptual, planning, costing and technical stages all need to be carefully communicated to clients, councils, consultants and builders to ensure the best outcome for all.